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Assault victim

Lawyer for victims of assault in Marseille

Victims of assault of course have a right of action against the perpetrator. However, this is a right of action which too often remains without concrete effect for the victim, insofar as this perpetrator will only rarely be able to financially assume the payment of compensation for bodily injury, especially when aggression has significant bodily consequences.

Liability insurance contracts have also proven to be ineffective in enabling victims to access compensation for their damage, as these contracts do not guarantee the consequences of a willful act.

French law therefore provides for a mechanism allowing victims of certain offenses causing bodily injury to access effective compensation directly from a Guarantee Fund.

By contacting a Commission for Compensation for Victims of Crime (CIVI) – present at each District Court – the victim will be able to have their damage compensated by the Guarantee Fund for Acts of Terrorism and Other Offenses (FGTI).

This compensation will be made according to the criteria of common law, so that the victim will in principle be compensated in the same way as what would have been the case if he had brought an action against the person responsible or his insurer.

An important caveat must be made, however, with regard to significant bodily injury, when the injuries require the assistance of a third party, given the current developments on the issue of the charging of the disability compensation benefit.

The facts that may give rise to proceedings before the CIVI are many and varied.

Some facts are obvious like assault and battery, murder, manslaughter, etc., but others are less obvious, such as shaken baby syndrome.

This appeal to the CIVI can be useful even in the event of a traffic accident.

This is particularly the case when the perpetrator of the accident committed a voluntary act causing the damage (chasing, for example), even if the victim was not the one initially targeted by the voluntary act.

Referral to the CIVI only assumes that facts constituting one of the offenses referred to have been committed, without the identification of the perpetrator being relevant.

Are you the victim of an assault and want to be supported in your efforts to repair bodily injury, property or extra property?

Contact a specialist lawyer in Marseille, advice for victims of assault.


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