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Personal injury and medical responsibility lawyers in Marseille h s home-5-rev-img-04 s home-5-rev-img-06 Law firm 02 at human scale Victims lawyer 01 dedicated personalized 03 follow-up advice and defense 04 of your rights Bilingual French-English lawyers 05 for foreign citizens avocat barreau marseille a a a a a avocat dommage corporel marseille

avocat dommage corporel

Law Firm in Marseille specialized in claim for bodily and personal injury compensation

cabinet avocat erreur medicale marseille

We work exclusively for the defense of victims of bodily accidents and medical errors.

avocat responsabilite medicale marseille

We guarantee our clients a total independence in handling cases regarding to the interests of insurance companies.


Traffic accident

avocat erreur medicale marseille

Victim of medical error

avocat accident vie courante marseille

Everyday accident

avocat accident de tourisme marseille

Tourism accident

avocat agression marseille

Assault victim

avocat citoyen etranger victime marseille

Foreign citizen victim

Victims lawyer in Marseille

avocat barreau marseille

Members of the Marseille Bar

ordre des avocats

Specialized lawyers

avocat anadavi marseille

ANADAVI members

Experience at the service of our customers

We have been practicing respectively since 2002 and 2008 as a victim's lawyer. Our firm specializes in medical liability and compensation for bodily injury.

Victims lawyers only

A firm on a human scale

Personalized follow-up

Advice and defense of your rights

Bilingual French-English lawyers for foreign citizens

We pick your fight
We bring you to success.


The firm


Lawyer since 2002

Me SAINT-PIERRE is exclusively representing victims’ interests, in a way that is totally independent from any kind of pressure from insurance companies and free from any conflict of interest.

He was also one of the very first lawyers of the Marseille Bar to obtain the certificate of specialization in personal injury law.

In 2015, he obtained the IUD in childhood, adolescent, shaken baby syndrome. This diploma is issued by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris V.

In 2019, he was the first Lawyer to obtain the University Diploma in Equipment for People with Disabilities. This diploma was issued by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Aix-Marseille.

Me SAINT-PIERRE speaks English fluently and will be in the position to propose you a free appointment.

Both concerned with ensuring quality listening to their customers, they ensure personal follow-up of each file.


Lawyer since 2004

A lawyer specializing in personal injury law, in 2004 she passed the DIU dealing with cranio-cerebral traumas. Diploma issued by the faculties of medicine of Nîmes and Montpellier.

Maître LELIEVRE-BOUCHARAT obtained the specific qualification in medical liability and puts his skills at the service of supporting and defending victims.

She also holds the Personal Injury Law specialization.

With a desire for personalized, responsive and combative support, in 2017 she created a firm on a human scale with Maître Louis SAINT-PIERRE.

She was the first lawyer to obtain the DU Polyhandicap in children, issued by the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille.

Our firm is at your disposal to provide you with all the help you need for your legal defense.

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      Le Cabinet d’Avocats LELIEVRE & SAINT-PIERRE est spécialisé en droit du dommage corporel et de la responsabilité médicale 103 Boulevard Notre-Dame 13006 Marseille