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Cost of a lawyer for
compensation for bodily injury in Marseille

We strive to adopt our pricing policy to the specificities of the field of compensation for bodily injury.

We are fully aware that the victim is often on sick leave or on disability when they have to call on a lawyer to defend their interests in this matter. However, a personal injury compensation file generally implies an extended follow-up over a long period of time, and therefore requires a significant investment from the Lawyer.

This split between the often limited financial resources of the victim at the time and the time that the lawyer will have to invest in order to manage the file effectively justifies a specific adjustment of the firm’s pricing policy.

Thus, we are able to offer you:

Free consultation or appointment

Fee agreements including a performance fee (percentage of the compensation received)

In all cases, the fees charged are in strict compliance with ethical rules, set with tact and moderation according to the complexity of the case.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to know the details of our intervention methods.

The role of the lawyer


To advise

His first duty is to advise his Client as well as possible. Each situation giving rise to bodily injury is unique and calls for an appropriate, individualized solution.

In this respect, it cannot be over-emphasized that amicable and judicial means are likely to offer specific advantages, which will best serve the interests of the victims, depending on their situations, and the state of progress folder.

And among the various possible procedures, it will be up to the Lawyer to advise his Client which is the most suitable according to various parameters: personal situation of the victim, location of the court to be seized, customs and practices of the court, identity of the responsible.

Giving sound advice at this stage presupposes a thorough knowledge of all the procedural routes available and extensive experience with each of them.

A Lawyer specializing in compensation for bodily injury such as LELIEVRE & SAINT-PIERRE will be able to provide advice leading to an effective strategy to achieve optimal and appropriate compensation.

The duty to advise also assumes that the Lawyer does not hesitate to inform the Client about the chances of success of a procedure, and if necessary tell him that he advises him against it.

It is also under the duty to advise that the Lawyer must “direct” the victim to competent professionals offering complementary expertise to his own. And this, always with the aim of allowing the victim to receive fair compensation, allowing him to build and finance his post-accident life project.

In practically all cases, the assistance of a victim by a competent, efficient medical adviser, and above all independent of any mission carried out on behalf of insurers, will prove necessary.

In several situations, the intervention of an expert occupational therapist, an expert architect, or a prosthetist, can be of decisive use for the file.


To assist

A victim's lawyer also has the duty to assist him throughout the course of the compensation procedure.

This means in the first place that the Lawyer mobilizes attentive and active listening to the situation with which his Client is confronted. Indeed, it is only if he is fully aware of the situation of the victim that the Lawyer will be able to effectively defend his interests.

The duty of assistance also assumes that the Lawyer faithfully keeps his Client informed of each of his steps and each of the stages of the procedure.

The Client should be able to be associated with each of the decisions of the proceedings taken, and with the preparation of each procedural act, not to supplement the work of the Lawyer, but to enrich it, if necessary, and also to feel fully involved in the process.

Providing complete assistance to a Client who is the victim of bodily injury requires considerable time, and human qualities of listening and empathy.

quelle indemnisation en cas de dommage corporel


Finally, the intervention of the Lawyer with a victim of bodily injury will result in the defense of his interests.

This duty permeates each stage of the case process, from the relationship with the manager and his insurer, to the pleadings, including any assistance with medical expertise operations.

In all circumstances, the Lawyer places the interests of his Client above all other considerations.

The effective defense of the interests of a victim is closely linked to the degree of independence enjoyed by the lawyer in the exercise of his mission.

The Lawyer intervening alongside a victim will be likely to defend his interests within the framework of a criminal proceeding, as a civil party lawyer, a civil or administrative proceeding, in order to claim fair compensation for the damages suffered, even in an amicable framework, in order to obtain, for example, provisions.

To meet our lawyers specializing in personal injury and benefit from a free first appointment, contact us.


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